What Are E Liquids?

e liquids

E liquids are the liquids used in electronic cigarettes to deliver nicotine into your bloodstream. They are also used to add flavours to vape devices and are available in a wide range of strengths, flavours and flavour profiles.

E Liquids can be made with different proportions of PG (propane-1,2-diol) and VG (glycerol) ingredients to give you different vaping experiences. Liquids with a PG bias provide more of a throat hit and are often favoured by those wanting to quit smoking. Liquids with a VG bias create larger clouds of vapour but can have less of a taste. Most e liquid bottles will indicate which ratio of ingredients they contain so you can work out what type of vape experience you want.

Elevate Your Vaping Experience: Navigating the World of Exquisite E-Liquids

Nicotine is found in most e-liquids and it is added to your e liquid to help you stop smoking. Nicotine is a naturally occurring compound in tobacco and it does not cause the same harm as the more deadly chemicals present in traditional cigarettes.

If you are looking to try a new flavour and would like to sample the flavour alone, try a 0% nicotine e liquid. 0% nicotine e liquids are also great for those trying to quit smoking and do not want to risk becoming addicted to nicotine.

If you’re looking for an e liquid to help you quit smoking, start with 3mg of nicotine if you smoke under 10 cigarettes a day and prefer a mild throat hit. Medium smokers should consider 6mg for a good balance of throat hit and nicotine, 12mg if you smoke between 20 and a pack a day and 18mg if you’re a heavy smoker.

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