Ways Construction Projects Can Ruin Your Car

If you live in New Jersey, there’s a good chance that you’ve driven past a construction project. Construction sites create a potentially dangerous zone that’s not always safe for you and your vehicle. Explosions and falling debris are just a few Ways Construction Projects Can Ruin Your Car. Other dangers can occur if your car is stuck near a construction site. A construction worker could cause an accident by causing a car tire to deflate.

How to Ways Construction Projects Can Ruin Your Car

Road work ramps up in the summer. In an effort to minimize the impact on traffic, infrastructure projects can disrupt regular traffic. The construction process can leave debris that damages paint and car parts. Your hood and fenders may be damaged by stone chips and gravel rash. Other areas are damaged by gouged rims, loosened bearings, and damaged door bottoms. If you’re near a construction site, you should take pictures of the site so you can document what happened.

If you’re involved in a construction accident, the construction crew may not be responsible for damages caused to your car. If they didn’t, you can take pictures and note down where the damage occurred. However, it may be hard to prove where the nail came from. Luckily, the laws of Florida hold contractors responsible for damage to your car due to a construction project. There are some ways to mitigate the potential risk.

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