Wanaport Hotel WIFI Solutions

Hotel guests and residents have long placed a premium on the quality of their hotel’s WIFI. From streaming videos to staying in touch with loved ones, today’s guests require high speed Internet connectivity. Those who have experienced slow hotel WIFI will tell you that it can make or break their experience at your property.

Why does hotel WiFi not work?

Wanaport provides wired and wireless WiFi management services for the Hospitality, Student Housing, Senior Living, MDU, Retail and Restaurant industries as well as IT Managed Services to small and medium size businesses nationwide. Wanaport’s WiFi Internet Services include network design, installation and 24/7 guest technical support.

Whether it’s streaming an HD movie, video chatting with a friend or downloading large files for work, your guests and residents expect high speed Internet connection. Wanaport hotel wifi solutions can help you maximize your guest’s experience and revenue with a Hybrid Internet Solution that allows your property to provide free Internet at a basic bandwidth level while providing an opportunity for guests and residents to upgrade to premium bandwidth (plus static IP addresses) or the ability to pay for a fast, secure and stable connection.

Wanaport has a proprietary cloud based portal that offers non-technical staff and property managers a straight forward intuitive interface for password resets, account creation, TV entertainment packages, service requests, move in/out, AV trouble tickets and more. The portal also provides an interface to systems such as a hotel’s property management system, loyalty program and more.

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