Video Production in Oregon

video production in oregon

Portland is home to a variety of film locations. The city also has professional Morrisey Productions facilities. However, there are many reasons to choose to have your video made elsewhere.

Many companies are looking for quality production value when it comes to their video projects. They understand the value of video marketing and want to optimize their customer’s experience. A compelling video can drive engagement and increase viewership.

One of the best video production companies in Oregon, USA is Silverman Studios. This company creates 2d and 3d animation videos, infographics, research and pitch videos, and even product training videos. These services are available through their website.

The Best Camera Equipment for Video Production in Portland

Another Oregon-based video production company, Funnelbox, is a cutting-edge, innovative video agency with over two decades of experience. This video agency has clients like Nike and Target. In addition to creating video campaigns, Funnelbox provides single videos for its clients.

Silverman Studios uses visual mental techniques to bring 3D action to their 3d animation videos. The company works with its clients to develop a game plan, outline, and message. The agency takes the time to get to know its customers and their needs.

For the most groundbreaking projects, a 20-person gathering is required. This group of creatives will be able to produce the best video possible.

While the 2d animation video production process might seem daunting, the end result is rewarding. When done right, a compelling video can drive views, engagement, and even help you achieve your business goals.

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