Tungsten Male Wedding Bands

When most people think of wedding bands, they probably picture gold or platinum. But one alternative that has been gaining popularity in recent years is tungsten, an unusually hard and durable metal. Tungsten rings have a unique gunmetal gray appearance that looks cool and macho, and they can be carved and polished to create a variety of unique style choices. They’re also affordable compared to precious metals like gold, and their ruggedness makes them ideal for men with active lifestyles.

Tungsten wedding bands for men is gunmetal gray, but many men prefer a more stylish look and opt for a tungsten ring with a white or silver hue that mimics the look of precious metal rings. A tungsten wedding band with a black coating is another option that provides an eye-catching pop of color. Colored tungsten rings may scratch to reveal the true gunmetal gray beneath, so it’s important to take into account your lifestyle and wear habits when choosing this type of ring.

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For something even more unique, men can choose a tungsten ring with an inlay of a wood material. This gives the ring an edge of masculine toughness and adds a warm, earthy element to the design. Tungsten inlays are available in a wide range of exotic woods including koa wood from Hawaii and zebra wood, which offers varying tones and shading to add depth and dimension.

The one drawback to tungsten rings is that they cannot be resized like other precious metals, so it’s important to get a ring that fits perfectly when you buy it. It’s also recommended that you remove your tungsten ring before washing your hands, working with chemicals or operating heavy machinery.

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