Temporary Workers Agency in France

The Services Directive (TAW) allows TW agencies outside of France to temporarily assign workers to user enterprises within France. The French government requires TW agencies to follow certain rules for temporary agency work, such as equal pay, the right to a pension, and other employment rights. In addition, TAWs are required to offer an end-of-assignment compensation, which compensates for the instability of agency workers. Click Here – https://euworkers.fr/comment-sont-payees-les-heures-supplementaires-en-interim/

What Is a Temporary Workers Agency?

The main purpose of TAW agreements is to regulate temporary agency work. These agreements must address the specific context of agency workers and temporary work. The TAW agreement should include information on recent agreements and examples of relevant regulations. The TAW agreement must also cover such issues as health and safety in temporary work. If there is no such agreement, the temporary work agency should not provide any service. The contract should also be non-exclusive.

While the status of temporary agency work in France is regulated by law, it is essentially the same as that for permanent employees. The only difference is that temporary agency workers enjoy the same legal protections as permanent employees. The main problem is how to effectively enforce these rights. Because of the inherently unstable nature of their existence, they cannot form a union. In addition, micro-temporary work agencies do not belong to the Movement of French Enterprises and have almost no trade union presence.

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