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Holiday cottages are privately owned dwellings, usually on the sea, which are used for long holidays or short vacations. A holiday cottage, holiday house, or holiday property is usually accommodation used for short-term stays, corporate traveling, and vacationing, usually for less than a month. Holiday cottages can be in the form of a bungalow or an apartment; some holiday cottages are even designed as holiday homes. The popularity of holiday cottages is due to the flexibility they offer – the holiday cottage can be rented for a long holiday, or for a week or two; the owner can decide when the cottage will be visited most, and when it will be empty.

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During the peak season of the year (Christmas, Easter, summer), many people choose to rent out their cottage holidays, so they can enjoy their holiday and not have to worry about how they will pay for it. These holiday cottages usually come fully furnished with furniture and appliances, a swimming pool, a hot tub, a garden, and access to the internet, television and radio. During off-peak seasons, many people choose to rent out their cottage homes for the season, allowing them to save money and still get to enjoy their holiday. Many holiday cottages are located next to restaurants, golf courses and other recreational facilities, making it easy to find things to do while you are holidaying.

There are many different types of UK cottage holidays available. Some cottages are self-catering, meaning you will be responsible for everything from the cooking to cleaning. Other cottages are fully furnished, with kitchen cabinets, beds, showers, washing machines, etc. Some holiday cottages can also be furnished with caravans, which allow holidaymakers to store their personal belongings, and arrange transportation between campsites and destinations.

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