IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program

If you are an aspiring pilot, you have a number of options in the country to pursue your dream of becoming an airline pilot. One option is to join a cadet pilot program.

Does IndiGo have Cadet pilot Program?

This is a program that is run by indigo cadet program Airlines and is designed to train and qualify individuals to become commercial pilots. It typically includes both ground school and flight training and a graduate is guaranteed a position as a first officer with the airline upon completion.

The IndiGo cadet pilot program is a certification course that provides training for the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Type Rating on Airbus A320. Once the cadet completes the CPL and Type Rating training, he or she will be eligible to join IndiGo Airlines as a Junior First Officer with the company’s stipulated salary.

After completing the CPL and UPRT training at NFTI, Gondia, cadets are given a chance to undergo the CAE Type Rating training at any of CAE’s global network of academies. This last phase of the programme involves a total of 45 days of rigorous training on the Airbus A320 aircraft and is considered the most challenging of all training phases.

Besides the CAE Type Rating and UPRT, cadets also get to experience a wide range of additional training modules in order to gain a well-rounded aviation knowledge base and prepare them for their upcoming DGCA exam. These include simulator based assessments, flight simulations, and the VOR test.

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