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A fitness coach is an expert in the world of fitness training, often holding a degree in exercise physiology, with training in professional sports, aerobics, yoga and other forms of fitness training. In addition to coaching athletes in various sports, fitness coaches are also employed by special-purpose institutions, such as gyms, to instruct specific types of fitness or therapeutic exercise for medical purposes. The knowledge and experience of fitness coaches range from simple certification to advanced degrees. In the United States, fitness training programs have gained in popularity as an effective method of weight loss and increased fitness, while Europe has long had a reputation for high fitness levels and high-quality fitness training programs.

How to Find Fitness Coach

fitness coach


To obtain certification as a fitness coach, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree. Many fitness coaches hold Master’s degrees and conduct research in their field. They may also teach or work as therapists at gyms or other community health organizations. A number of fitness coaches offer private sessions in a small group, and fitness coaches can conduct specialized fitness counseling in settings such as senior centers, schools, and fitness clubs. Most gyms provide free fitness training for new members; others charge a small monthly fee for members who sign up for private training.

A variety of coaching styles are available, and fitness coaches can even specialize in certain areas, such as pregnancy, hypertension, weight management, and ballet. Specialty clients include professional athletes and personal trainers, as well as individuals with physical disabilities or other needs. Clients range from young children to older adults, and fitness industry professionals deal with clients of all ages and levels. If you are an aspiring trainer, consider obtaining certification so that you can expand your client base and increase your earning potential.

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