Electric Vehicle Chargers

An electric vehicle charger takes electricity from the power grid and charges an EV’s battery. There are several kinds, but the most common are called Level 2 chargers. These connect to the 240-volt outlet (like the one used by heavy appliances) in your garage or driveway, and are very easy to install. Most EV owners get them installed by professional electricians. Go here

How fast do EVs charge?

These are the type of chargers that you’ll find at public charging stations, and they charge from empty to full in about four to ten hours. Many EV owners also get a home Level 2 charger installed in their garages, which reduces driving range anxiety and lets them plug in overnight for faster charging. Installation costs are often covered by rebates from the electric utility companies or other incentives.

There are also public Level 3 chargers, which use DC fast charging to refill the car’s battery in under 30 minutes. They are typically located near highways and major shopping centers, but can be found in some public parking lots. These require payment (usually by credit card) to use them, but they’re the fastest way to recharge.

There are even some EV chargers that let you schedule your charging times in advance. These work with an app or your EV’s system to control how and when your vehicle charges, to help you save money. Those are often compatible with utilities’ demand response programs, which allow the chargers to be controlled by the utility during peak usage periods.

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