Can Kettlebell Swings Give You Abs?

can kettlebell swings give you abs

Kettlebell Swings Give You Abs

If you’re looking can kettlebell swings give you abs takes your abs through a variety of movements, then kettlebell swings are a good choice. But you’ll need to do them right and be consistent to see results.

The kettlebell is a multi-muscle exercise that will work your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and obliques—all key muscles for building strong, lean abs. But it can also be a little tough on your joints and back, so do these moves properly to avoid injury.

Kettlebell Swing Workouts for Abs: The Best Exercises for a Shredded Core

Using the correct form during this exercise will make it easier for you to get results and build strength, says head trainer and fitness coach Jake Harcoff. He recommends ensuring your knees are in line with each other (no wide ones) and keeping the feet pointed forward with the toes pointed out.

You’ll need to use your abs to brace your core throughout the entire movement, which can be a bit challenging for some people who don’t have much core strength or experience with exercises like this. That’s why it’s important to warm up before you start the kettlebell swing workout.

Another good way to make sure your core is engaged throughout the whole movement is to grip the kettlebell with your hands only at the point that it’s overhead, not at the bottom of the swing when you’re using your arms and shoulders to help lift it. This will keep your hips driving the movement and keep your lower back safe from injury, he adds.

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