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The new trend in the US is a childcare Auburn, a child development center based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama which combines the best practices of an IGI preschool with the structure and safety of a residential daycare facility. It strives to put children in a nurturing environment focused on education, culture, values, and family-centered supervision. The childcare auburn Montessori institute was named by renowned education researcher Dr. Helen Grossman, who is associated with the Center for Developmental Studies in Child Development. ” Helen has transformed our experiences as educators and parents,” says childcare manager Amy Bass.


Located in the heart of Tuscaloosa, AL, the childcare auburn center offers a full range of services to families including after school sports, dance classes, arts and crafts, nature walks, art programs, foreign language classes, physical education and more. Early childhood education within the auburn Montessori preschool age group is combined with professional practice and research by nationally recognized developmental educators, practitioners, and researchers. All of these efforts work together toward the overall goal of providing the best possible start in early childhood education.


According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the number of children enrolled in childcare facilities in Alabama has declined steadily over the past two years. In response to this decrease in the demand for childcare, many states are now offering free preschool daycare services to working parents. Alabama is one of twenty states that currently have a childcare vacancy rate of 0.1 days recorded last year.

childcare vacancies recorded last year at 0.1 days per child | childcare vacancy | vacancies | auburn | child development} According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were a record twenty-three million children enrolled in childcare centers in the United States in 2021. Alabama continues to experience growth in the sector and offers a variety of options for parents and caretakers to consider. Families can find a nursery or day care center that works with an auburn rated childcare provider, while other families seek out a full time daycare program, an autism preschool, or a private tutor. Within these programs, there are often transitional program spots for children transitioning from one infant daycare to another. With continued growth and development in this area of childcare, Alabama continues to have a shortage of available childcare vacancies.

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