Radon Remediation

radon remediation

LIfetimeRadonMitigation is essential for homes that have high levels of radon. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that forms in the Earth’s crust during the decay of uranium. It rises through the soil and bedrock and seeps into homes through the basement and subfloor levels. The only way to prevent this is to reduce the levels of radon. A professional geologist is often hired to test the levels of radon in homes. If they are higher than four picocuries per liter, then remediation is necessary.

What is the most common method of radon mitigation?

A typical radon remediation process involves installing a system with fans to exhaust the gas. This can be done with an existing system or a new one. Active systems utilize fans and ducts to vent the gas outdoors. Passive systems, on the other hand, do not use fans and rely on pressure differentials and natural air flow to remove radon from a home.

The EPA recommends that homeowners test their homes for radon and remediate homes that have radon levels that are higher than the recommended safe level. However, some homeowners start the remediation process when the radon level is lower. The EPA recommends that radon concentrations in a home be less than 4 pCi/L.

In addition to testing your home after a radon remediation system has been installed, you should perform a post-remediation test to determine whether the levels of radon in your home have been significantly reduced. It’s a proactive move to test your home regularly, especially if your living habits change or you’ve made any significant changes to your home.

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